3 Strikes

Contact your senator NOW and ask him or her to oppose the 3-strikes bill. The conference committee has reported out a version for the final vote. This is coming down to the wire!

Here are the facts about the final version of the bill:

Background of Three Strikes

“Three Strikes” legislation has failed to improve public safety in other states, while draining taxpayers’ resources to fund bursting prisons. So why does Massachusetts want to expand it now?  Two bills currently in conference committee, H.3818 and S.2080, would do just that. Massachusetts already has a habitual offender statute, but these bills would dramatically increase the punishments and the costs.

These bills would require judges to impose the maximum sentence — without the possibility of parole — for a whole host of crimes when a defendant is convicted for the third time of a crime from the list.  S.2080 has sections that would reduce mandatory minimum sentences for some drug crimes, increase earned good time, and change the size of a “school zone” for drug crimes. However, these useful parts are not enough to counteract the negative impact of the rest of the bill.